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Symbols have long been used to both convey meaning and represent ideas. Shapes, whether drawn or solid, also have unique energies.

In Love and Light Healing channeled amulets (pendants) and jewellery use a combination of crystals, shape and bail symbols to create a vibration that is perfectly matched to you.

Cabochon and Amulet Shapes

The shape of the stone cabochons and amulets have their own meaning and when combined, they unite to create a different vibration. Faceted stones combine shape with the reflective properties of the crystal to create a special vibration.

Cabrochon and Amulet Shapes

  1. Perfect Large Circle - symbolises the spirit in its original form - the masculine sun or feminine earth etc
  2. Small Circle - The earth / moon and the forces of change and growth
  3. Pear - Feminine energy
  4. Inverted Pear (Love Shape) - Feminine energy in balance with masculine energy
  5. Square - Steadfast and reliability. Organised protection. Solid foundations
  6. Rectangle - Concentration on one thing alone is needed - prioritisation
  7. Diamond - protective force of the wind. The four stages of learning. Symbol of life, eternal equality, unity, freedom from fear.
  8. Kite / Large Diamond - Same as Diamond - Heavy end up stands for masculine energy, heavy point down stands for feminine energy.
  9. Vertically orientated oval - the feminine element.
  10. Horizontally orientated oval - Birth (both physical and to ideas etc)
  11. Large Inverted Equilateral Triangle - trust in divine guidance and the recognition of divine truth (which coexists with personal truth)
  12. Small Inverted Equilateral Triangle - Inspiration and spiritualism. Marks a person who can inspire others.
  13. Large Equilateral Triangle - Sign of Wisdom, inner knowledge, equality, and sensitivity. All points of view are united in the highest, divine point.
  14. Small Equilateral Triangle - power of creativity. Hidden talents that are to be brought into life and developed.

Symbols of the Stone People

These symbols (and others) are used to fine tune the pendant to your vibration. The amulet's purpose includes providing the energies and guideance to fulfill the combined message(s).

Language of the Stone People

  1. Inverted Arrow - A spiritual person / spirit. Can also signify Clairvoyance.
  2. Inverted Arrow Intersecting Horizontal Line - The joy (power of) necessary to heal any suffering.
  3. Double Inverted Arrow - Symbol of truth and creativity.
  4. 2 Inverted 'V's intersected by vertical line - Symbolises marriage or a strong relationship (maybe either physical or spiritual)
  5. Vertical Line emanating from apex of Inverted 'V' - Spiritual powers that express themselves in material objects (e.g. amulets)
  6. Double Inverted 'V' - the ambition and inner creativity required to achieve goals (destiny)
  7. Vertical Line intersection two Horizontal Lines - the power and energy required to develop and maintain both physical and spiritual endurance.
  8. Two Vertical Lines resting on the lower of two Vertical Lines - the energies required to enable spirit to materialise and maintain a physical body. Also represents someone who has, or is to, connected to their "I AM" vibration.
  9. 3 Intersecting lines (six prong star) - a powerful personality / leader / magnetic aura
  10. 4 Intersecting Lines making a Star - the origin of inspiration, your spirit, relationship to origin, or the destination of the journey.
  11. Acute Angle that is crossed by a single Vertical Line - Its time in the journey of life to shed old customs, beliefs and ideas to enable the change necessary for the projects at hand.
  12. The check or tick mark stands for the need to try new experiences, accepting the ideas of others, and trying new ideas to see how they fit with your beliefs.
  13. An exciting part of the process is that new symbols and their meanings are regularly received and inscribed onto bails.

    Reference: Symbols of Native America, Heike Owusu.


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